Editing can be another hurdle in the process of producing a convergence piece.

It’s not so much the process of taking the raw vision and turning it into news, it’s more that you need to learn the ideosyncrasies that come with Final Cut Pro.

As a person who has never used this complicated software, it is bloody hard! I’m sure that, like anything, with practice I’ll learn the ins and outs. I think the biggest time consuming thing is learning all the buttons etc. When Shawn first got the class to open up the software and start playing with raw vision, it was absolute chaos; nobody had any idea what they were doing. Once I got a feel for it to begin with, it wasn’t so bad.

The fact that I enjoy doing this sort of stuff makes it so much easier. If you didn’t like it, then learning everything would be a real struggle. As far as editing goes, I had great success with Pro Tools, the program used in JOUR215, so it won’t take too long before this new software worked out.

In the mean time I want to keep an eye out for techniques that are being use in the industry, especially some of the new innovative stuff. Television, especially, is a pastime where change isn’t always appreciated. Only now are younger cameramen trying new techniques. If I can incorporate that into some of my convergence piece, it would be great.


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