April 16, 2009

This week has been one of absolute frustration for me! I’ve been trying to edit what I can of the second assessment task, with no outstanding success. Having had my flatmates storage device damaged got the assessment task off to a slow start, and since then I’ve had touble with saving my work. This all came from not saving the original scratch disk in the right place.

On a more positive note, I’m very happy about the choice of subject for the second assessment task. WorkingĀ on and producing a piece of work of this calibre is hard work; the fact that I’m doing it on something that I enjoy so much makes it a lot easier. My aim is to now try and finish the project by Wednesday next week, giving me plenty of time to fine tune the final item and finish scripting etc.

Overall, this experience has been really positive. I’m learning a lot about what it takes to put convergent pieces together.


Putting theory into action

April 6, 2009

Over the weekend I took a chance to put all the class theory into action, going out and shooting some vision for the second JOUR315 assignment. Overall the experience was a pretty positive one.

I visited Wollongong Motorcycle Club, where I got one interview with the Vice President of the Club Craig Wickham. The angle I hope to take with this convergent piece is to highlight what the ailing global economy has done to the sport of motocross; how many have been forced to pull the pin and how it has affected the club. The results of the interview and speaking informally to other people was basically what I expected.

After the interview was completed, I was given a pass to go out on the track and shoot vision. This was fantastic! Not only was I able to go out there and film something I’m passionate about, but I also learnt a lot about filming.

*The tripods can be awkard when doing pans, especially if the ground is uneven. Having the camera on an angle really shows when you go over it at the end.

* The zoom function on a camera is really handy in moving sport such as racing. However, it can become really easy to overuse this function. A good mix of pans, tilts and stills helps to give a good ratio of everything.

* Low angle shots are brilliant forĀ something like racing. I liken it to the show Top Gear, where the common testing facility has a camera set up on a tyre wall. The cars fly past it, usually getting really close and giving the visual appearence of high speed. I found a similar method at the Mount Kembla and it worked really well.

After shooting nearly all of my vision, I will now begin to put it all together, pick out grabs and start editing.