Putting theory into action

Over the weekend I took a chance to put all the class theory into action, going out and shooting some vision for the second JOUR315 assignment. Overall the experience was a pretty positive one.

I visited Wollongong Motorcycle Club, where I got one interview with the Vice President of the Club Craig Wickham. The angle I hope to take with this convergent piece is to highlight what the ailing global economy has done to the sport of motocross; how many have been forced to pull the pin and how it has affected the club. The results of the interview and speaking informally to other people was basically what I expected.

After the interview was completed, I was given a pass to go out on the track and shoot vision. This was fantastic! Not only was I able to go out there and film something I’m passionate about, but I also learnt a lot about filming.

*The tripods can be awkard when doing pans, especially if the ground is uneven. Having the camera on an angle really shows when you go over it at the end.

* The zoom function on a camera is really handy in moving sport such as racing. However, it can become really easy to overuse this function. A good mix of pans, tilts and stills helps to give a good ratio of everything.

* Low angle shots are brilliant for something like racing. I liken it to the show Top Gear, where the common testing facility has a camera set up on a tyre wall. The cars fly past it, usually getting really close and giving the visual appearence of high speed. I found a similar method at the Mount Kembla and it worked really well.

After shooting nearly all of my vision, I will now begin to put it all together, pick out grabs and start editing.


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