Final assignment nearly over

May 29, 2009

It’s Friday now and I’ve nearly finished the final assessment, which is due in three days. In terms of progress, the actual video assessment has been completed and uploaded to a video sharing website, I just need to finalise my scrtpts.

I feel that the assignment went really well over all. I’m pleased with the timing of the project. I fitted in all of the relevant convergent theories and got all the points across in 2:59 minutes. The longest time available was three minutes.

The way my talent came across was very good too. A lot of background research, as well as documents from local government, gave this project that extra edge as well as some backbone.

I look at the project now and think of how much work I put into it and the end result is extremely pleasing.


Coming along nicely

May 18, 2009

I’m pleased to say that the third assignment is going well and, due to our week extension, I’ve now got a bit of time on my hands to really get it up to scratch. So far I’ve interviewed David Campbell and Paul Fanning; tomorrow I will knock over my final interview with club owner, Anu.

Everything has been relatively parallel with my initial outline at the start of the session, which is great.

In terms of cover shots so far, I was able to get some vision of beer taps etc. from my workplace. This took away from privacy concerns (it was basically a guarantee that I wouldn’t gain access inside any of the major clubs around town).

I also got daytime shots of the major venues. My aim now is to get some actuality outside these pubs and also to get some still photography.

By this time next week, I hope to have all of the interviews over with and getting into some editing. I also aim to have the interviews transcribed with suitable grabs picked out.

The major change from my inital outline has been the focal point of the story; the major driver is now the fact that the newest nightclub in town is trying to make a difference in terms of patron safety. This appeals more as a convergence script, my first pitch was too ‘newsy,’ so hopefully this new angle will help.

The home straight

May 6, 2009

Now that Assessment two is done and dusted, I’ve turned my attention to the final assignment. This will obviously be the part of the course where we showcase what we’ve learnt about convergent journalism and combine it all together.

So far I’ve started this process by looking back to the beginning of session and the first assessment. I want to keep as close to my original outline as possible and the intentions of that outline. This, of course, means using getting similar talent, shots, angles and themes that I implied in assessment one. If I can do this relatively well, then I will be happy; this is the biggest goal for this assignment.

I’m now in the process of refining my research for the story and contacting possible talent, in particular David Campbell. I hope that by doing this, I won’t be leaving things to last minute. One of the reasons the second assessment was so successful for me was for this reason: I got out early and shot everything, giving me plenty of time to refine and edit.

Hopefully next week I can start making some decent progression. I hope that by our next class, I’ll have some substantial material to work with (week 10).