The home straight

Now that Assessment two is done and dusted, I’ve turned my attention to the final assignment. This will obviously be the part of the course where we showcase what we’ve learnt about convergent journalism and combine it all together.

So far I’ve started this process by looking back to the beginning of session and the first assessment. I want to keep as close to my original outline as possible and the intentions of that outline. This, of course, means using getting similar talent, shots, angles and themes that I implied in assessment one. If I can do this relatively well, then I will be happy; this is the biggest goal for this assignment.

I’m now in the process of refining my research for the story and contacting possible talent, in particular David Campbell. I hope that by doing this, I won’t be leaving things to last minute. One of the reasons the second assessment was so successful for me was for this reason: I got out early and shot everything, giving me plenty of time to refine and edit.

Hopefully next week I can start making some decent progression. I hope that by our next class, I’ll have some substantial material to work with (week 10).


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