Coming along nicely

I’m pleased to say that the third assignment is going well and, due to our week extension, I’ve now got a bit of time on my hands to really get it up to scratch. So far I’ve interviewed David Campbell and Paul Fanning; tomorrow I will knock over my final interview with club owner, Anu.

Everything has been relatively parallel with my initial outline at the start of the session, which is great.

In terms of cover shots so far, I was able to get some vision of beer taps etc. from my workplace. This took away from privacy concerns (it was basically a guarantee that I wouldn’t gain access inside any of the major clubs around town).

I also got daytime shots of the major venues. My aim now is to get some actuality outside these pubs and also to get some still photography.

By this time next week, I hope to have all of the interviews over with and getting into some editing. I also aim to have the interviews transcribed with suitable grabs picked out.

The major change from my inital outline has been the focal point of the story; the major driver is now the fact that the newest nightclub in town is trying to make a difference in terms of patron safety. This appeals more as a convergence script, my first pitch was too ‘newsy,’ so hopefully this new angle will help.


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